WW1 Names – W : Wa – Wat

Those Who Served in WW1 

Illawarra Military Historian and long time Illawarra Family History Group member,Terry Bugg, has been compiling an extensive database of over 4000 names of people associated with the Illawarra who served in WW1.

W : Wa – Wat

Wailes C Scarborough
Wailes John G Woonona
Waine Alex W
Wakeford Muriel Leontine. N/A Wollongong (Illawarra Remembers 1914 – 1918)
Wakeman Albert 3931 Helensburgh
Walder J Wollongong
Wales James Thomas
Walker R Thirroul
Walker John Russell 2232 Kiama
Walker William Peter Roy 3553 Dapto
Walker Sid
Walker Thirroul
Walker Colin McLean 3395 Kiama
Walker Ambrose E
Walker Vincent James Nelson 595 Gerringong
Walker Charles Robert Kiama
Walker Scarborough
Walker Raymond West 2506 Kiama
Walker Stanley Mark 2965 Wollongong
Walker S L Thirroul
Walker Percy Owen 2502 Albion Park (Shellharbour ANZACS)
Walker George Edward 119 Roma
Walker George Clarence 558 Woonona
Walker William James 15297 Jamberoo (Shellharbour ANZACS)
Walker Thirroul
Walker Donald Alfred 240 Thirroul
Walker C Kiama
Walker F J Wollongong
Walker W B
Walker Arthur Searle 2508
Walker Sydney Albert 4323 Albion Park (Shellharbour ANZACS)
Walker C Woonona
Walkers J Port Kembla
Walklate Charles George 65 Wollongong
Walklate Charles George MC N/A Wollongong
Walklate George Harvey 1365 Wollongong
Wall Wollongong
Wall William Joseph 1853 Wollongong
Wallace Bertha Watson N/A
Wallace L Albion Park
Wallbank Cuthbert Spurgeon 3903 Helensburgh
Wallbank A Helensburgh
Waller Thirroul
Walsh William 112 Coledale
Walsh Wollongong
Walter J L
Walters George Balgownie
Walters Mark
Walton William Edward 610A Helensburgh
Walton R
Walton J Thirroul
Ward S Balgownie
Ward A H J Port Kembla
Ward Zacharias Baxter 6639 Scarborough
Ward George Benjamin 5784 Balgownie
Waring Jim
Warner Henry Herbert Sydney 5264 Kiama
Warner Robert 4927 Kiama
Warren Henry 5263 Kiama (Shellharbour ANZACS) 
Warrington Frank Adrian 2255 Wollongong
Warrington Servilius ‘Civ’ Port Kembla
Warrington Arthur Roy Unanderra
Warrington Charles James 2176 Port Kembla (Illawarra Remembers 1914 – 1918)
Warrington Thomas 4946 Port Kembla
Warrington Dora Ellenor Port Kembla
Warrington S
Warrington Gabriel 2166 Port Kembla (Illawarra Remembers 1914 – 1918)
Washbourne William Edward Woonona
Washington H A 3949
Wasson Gregory Wollongong
Waters Mark Elms 1270 Keiraville
Waters A Woonona
Waters William George 1042 Woonona
Watkins Sid Albion Park
Watson George
Watson Arthur Henry 1658 Wollongong
Watson Arthur Port Kembla
Watson J Woonona
Watson Arthur Henry 6620 Wollongong
Watson James 1397 Woonona
Watson T Woonona
Watson Frederick William 479 Shellharbour (Shellharbour ANZACS)
Watson Thirroul
Watson William Corrimal
Watt Sydney Alexander 385 Thirroul
Watterson Philip Alfred 974 Woonona
Watts Leslie Kiama
Watts Will 2748 Kiama
Watts John William 5265 Berry
Watts John 2704 Corrimal


  • More detailed Service Record Information is available via Discovering ANZACS site – using name and service number details
  • Australian War Memorial Roll of Honour entries
  • However, for additional information some advice can be sought from Terry Bugg of the Illawarra Family History Group – ww1illawarra@gmail.com. Terry has been researching WW1 military records for many, many years and therefore maybe able to provide some answers without too much trouble.

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