WW1 Names – S : Ste – Sy

Those Who Served in WW1 

Illawarra Military Historian and long time Illawarra Family History Group member,Terry Bugg, has been compiling an extensive database of over 4000 names of people associated with the Illawarra who served in WW1.

S : Ste – Sy

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Steele Sam 3629 Mount Kembla
Steers Archibald John (Archie) 999 Port Kembla
Stenton Stanley Rowland 65823 Wollongong
Stephens Luther Roy 3468 Thirroul
Stephenson E S Wollongong
Stephenson A
Stephenson Rutherford (Jack)
Stephenson Selwyn – Selby
Stephenson Cecil Wollongong
Stephenson Frederick 3118 Wollongong
Stephenson Roy David 3119 Wollongong
Stephenson H Keriaville
Sterndale Thomas Depot Corrimal
Stevens Ernest Herbert Wollongong
Stevens Alf Dapto
Stevens Arthur Borlase N/A Wollongong
Stevens Bob Helensburgh
Stevens Raymond 3439 Austinmer
Stevens Corrimal
Stevens J Scarborough
Stevens William Henry 1187 Helensburgh
Stevens Athol Roy 2733 Corrimal
Stevens John Francis Allan 3670 Helensburgh
Stevens J Wollongong
Stevens William Alfred 67701 Dapto
Stevens William Henry 1328 (1187?) Helensburgh
Stevens John 3676 Clifton
Stevens James Robert 3302 Dapto (Illawarra Remembers 1914 – 1918)
Stevens J R Unanderra
Stevens A Dapto
Stevenson W
Stevenson N
Stevenson F Wollongong
Stevenson C Balgownie
Stevenson Jesse 5735 Bellambi
Steward Edward William 1866a Kiama (Illawarra Remembers 1914 – 1918)
Stewart R Helensburgh
Stewart B Port Kembla
Stewart George Mt. Keira
Stewart Raymond Tapper 6089 Dapto
Stewart F
Stewart Jos, Joe 765 Helensburgh
Stewart J L Helensburgh
Stewart Henry 7780 Port Kembla
Stewart Robert Helensburgh
Stewart William Peter 1265 Helensburgh

Robert Bruce Stewart - 5674 - c/ G Stewart
Robert Bruce Stewart – 5674 – c/ G Stewart
Robert Bruce 5764 Woonona
Stockwell Richard 2852 Nowra
Stone George 4903 Richmond River (Illawarra Remembers 1914 – 1918)
Stone Otto Helensburgh
Stone C Helensburgh
Stone William Steven 637 Bulli
Stoves James 2781 Woonona
Strachan Cornelius Alexander (Neil) 9979 Austinmer
Strange James 5433 (4533?) Thirroul
Street Charles Edward 2724 Corrimal (Illawarra Remembers 1914 – 1918)
Street Edwin 2725 Corrimal (Illawarra Remembers 1914 – 1918)
Strickland Walter Raymond Corrimal
Stubbin Claude John 1268 Wollongong
Stubbin Charles William N93747 Wollongong
Stubbs Leslie Roy Woonona
Stubbs John Bulli
Stubbs William H Woonona
Stubbs Robert Ernest 4539 Woonona
Studes R 59594 Woonona
Stumbles Wilfred William 20061 Wollongong
Stumbles William Westlake 1389 Wollongong
Sturt Clifford Lister 1384 Thirroul
Stutters W
Styles Arthur Raymond 1390 Wollongong (Illawarra Remembers 1914 – 1918)
Summers Richard 5189
Summers James Stanley 227 Wollongong
Summerson James Clifton 1610 Helensburgh
Surdivall Robert Clarence 6802 Bulli
Surdivall Robert Clarence 1658 Bulli
Sutherland T Thirroul
Sutherland Robert Frederick 54513 Thirroul
Sutherland Charles 293 Woonona
Sutton Arthur Fraser (MBE ) 2868 Wollongong
Sutton Claude Barron 67712 Wollongong
Sutton Ernest Geoffrey 3009 Wollongong
Sutton (MM + Bar) Harry William 2825 Wollongong
Swan Leonard Graham
Swan Edward Bartlett 11801 Dapto
Swannell William Alfred 4293 Helensburgh
Sweet Henry 3441 Bombo
Swift  (MM) James 25644 Keriaville
Swinton 6879 Kiama
Syme Duncan Leslie 4270A Helensburgh
Syme John William 279 Helensburgh
Syme Peter McInnes 2850 Helensburgh
Syned Henry Harrison 3372 Helensburgh
Synnerdahl Carl Magnus Thorston 5231 Nowra


  • More detailed Service Record Information is available via Discovering ANZACS site – using name and service number details
  • Australian War Memorial Roll of Honour entries
  • However, for additional information some advice can be sought from Terry Bugg of the Illawarra Family History Group – ww1illawarra@gmail.com. Terry has been researching WW1 military records for many, many years and therefore maybe able to provide some answers without too much trouble.

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