WW1 Names – S : Sm – Sta

Those Who Served in WW1

Illawarra Military Historian and long time Illawarra Family History Group member, Terry Bugg, has been compiling an extensive database of over 4000 names of people associated with the Illawarra who served in WW1.

S : Sm – Sta

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Smart Alfred Samuel 6311 Coledale
Smith James Arthur 566 Bulli
Smith Errol Thomas 4303 Clifton

WC Smith
William Charles Smith – 6096 – Australia’s Fighting Sons of Empire
William Charles 6096 Port Kembla
Smith Arthur John 192 Bulli
Smith Thirroul
Smith Bernard Mathew 4764 Corrimal
Smith Charles H 2682
Smith David John 8608 Keiraville
Smith A
Smith David Henry Depot Corrimal
Smith Charles 670
Smith Arthur Harold 6315 Garden Hill
Smith Arthur William 992 Scarborough (Illawarra Remembers 1914 – 1918)
Smith James 1450 Balgownie
Smith James Woonona
Smith Randolph Denis John Depot Bulli
Smith G
Smith James poss 2132 Woonona
Smith Alfred Arthur 1949
Smith A H Wollongong
Smith Arnold Ashton 905 Wollongong
Smith A Wollongong
Smith Edward Keiraville
Smith Arn
Smith Frederick William A 2910 Albion Park
Smith Edward George 4886 Fernhill
Smith Walter 1757 Kiama
Smith Alfred 3233 Thirroul (Illawarra Remembers 1914 – 1918)
Smith Arthur Frederick Geroge 4243 Kiama
Smith A
Smith Sydney 8462
Smith Walter John 3126 Kiama
Smith Sydney 2876 Helensburgh
Smith James 455/2132 Bulli
Smith Robert Corrimal
Smith J Woonona
Smith Charles Edward Keiraville
Smith R H
Smith Walter David 650 Port Kembla
Smith David Augutus 2203 Corrimal
Smith William
Smith Richard Stanley 338 Helensburgh
Smith R Woonona
Smith A T Wollongong
Smith J R Woonona
Smith Albert H Corrimal
Smith Hugh 5193 Corrimal
Smith Herbert Robert 9969 Bulli
Smith H Thirroul
Smith Edward Corrimal
Smith E J (Ern) Balgownie
Smith E Wollongong
Smith Cecil Balgownie
Smith Archie Corrimal
Smith Archibald Sturt 673 Wollongong
Smith R or B H Wollongong
Smith James Richard 16448 Bulli
Smith J
Smith Walter David 2999 Port Kembla
Smith Norman McLeod 7024 Wollongong (Illawarra Remembers 1914 – 1918)
Smith J
Smith – Correct name MAY Charles Henry – G.T.M. 3892 Bellambi

Sydney Smithers - 11/823 NZ Forces - c/ Brendan J Leach
Sydney Smithers – 11/823 NZ Forces – c/ Brendan J Leach
Sydney S 11/823 NZ Bulli – Sherbrook
Sneddon Peter Corrimal
Sneed A 1246 Helensburgh
Sneyd Henry Harrison 3372 Helensburgh
Soldi Andrew N/A Balgownie
Soldi John N/A Balgownie
Soldi Francis Claude 5230 Balgownie
Solomon J H
Soutar C Wollongong
Soutar Jack 2263 Wollongong
Souter Alexander 283 Keiraville
Souter John Forbes 3474 Keiraville

Leslie William Souter streej-27-2
Leslie William Souter – 5200 – c/ Bob Murray
Leslie William 5200 Wollongong (Illawarra Remembers 1914 – 1918)
Souter Benjamin Eagleton
Souter John Forbes (Dick) 5229 Keiraville
Southall William Henderson 3040 Unanderra
Southam Edwin Henry 3800 Port Kembla
Southam Albert 2074
Southam H Port Kembla
Southam Edwin Henry 101 Port Kembla
Southcombe John Thomas 3248 Thirroul
Souther Leslie William Wollongong
Southham Edwin Henry 3088(3088?) Port Kembla
Souttar O Port Kembla
Sparshott E A Dapto
Speakman John N/A Coledale
Spears (Speare) C T. ( T.C.) Wollongong
Speirs John Melling (Jack) 9977 Austinmer (Illawarra Remembers 1914 – 1918)
Spencer Samuel Charles 1993
Spillane Charles Joseph 1515 Albion Park (Shellharbour ANZACS)
Spinks Cecil 2939 Bellambi

Frederick Keith James Spinks - Australia's Fighting Sons of Empire
Frederick Keith James Spinks – Australia’s Fighting Sons of Empire
Frederick Keith James 2473 Figtree
Spowart Helensburgh
Spriggs Charles Vivian 25643 Keiraville
Sproule Thomas Stanley 2704 Jamberoo
Sproule John Oliver 1768 Jamberoo
Sproule David Hugh 2703 Jamberoo
Stace S S Wollongong
Stafford Richard 7784 Wollongong
Stafford Albert Henry Depot  Mount Kembla

Reuben Garrett Stafford -  c/ John Stafford Lost Wollongong
Reuben Garrett Stafford – 6090 – c/ John Stafford Lost Wollongong
R(e)uben Garrett 6090 Cordeaux River (Illawarra Remembers 1914 – 1918)
Stafford Edwin Harold 7861 Balgownie (Illawarra Remembers 1914 – 1918)
Stafford Clyde 6089 Cordeaux River
Stainbrough Edward Albert Leslie 973 Bellambi
Stanbrough Les Corrimal
Standen Robert Henry 5228 Coledale
Standen George Allen 7101 Helensburgh
Standen William Thomas 7440
Standen Roderick Edwin 12/449 Helensburgh
Stanley James 264 Helensburgh
Stanley Jay Montague 408 Dapto
Stanley Jay Montague 14811 Dapto
Stanley Benjamin 4308 Helensburgh
Stanley George Willie 3480 Austinmer
Stanley E Helensburgh
Stant Francis Robert 4907 Bulli
Stapleton William John 3623 Unanderra (Illawarra Remembers 1914 – 1918)
Starr William Cynog 1583 Helensburgh
Starr H Woonona
Starr Arthur Edmund 1790 Bulli


  • More detailed Service Record Information is available via Discovering ANZACS site – using name and service number details
  • Australian War Memorial Roll of Honour entries
  • However, for additional information some advice can be sought from Terry Bugg of the Illawarra Family History Group – ww1illawarra@gmail.com. Terry has been researching WW1 military records for many, many years and therefore maybe able to provide some answers without too much trouble.

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