WW1 Names – H : Harrow – Hi

Those Who Served in WW1 

Illawarra Military Historian and long time Illawarra Family History Group member,Terry Bugg, has been compiling an extensive database of over 4000 names of people associated with the Illawarra who served in WW1.

H : Harrow – Hi

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Harrower Charles N95086 Bulli
Harrower Andrew David Cecil N94207 Mt. Kembla
Hart James 3356 Dapto
Hart Oscar Herbert 2176 Wollongong
Hart W
Hart Reginald George  23/1659 Corrimal
Hartley  (MID) Charles William Leigh 5959 Port Kembla
Harvey P Dapto
Haslehurst Ernest 5781 Coledale
Haslem Bert Corrimal
Hastings Albert Victor 3132
Hastings James Joseph Wollongong
Hatch George William 2810 Helensburgh
Hatch William C Depot Wollongong
Hatch Walter Leslie 2647 Wollongong
Hatfield William Walter Wollongong
Hatton Angelo Talbot N/A Wollongong
Haugaard Frederick Bertleson N84632 Woonona
Haugh Cecil P Wollongong
Hause C Woonona
Hausknecht G W A 2055 Woonona
Havenstein Charles Frederick 3252 Kiama
Hawes Cecil 2382 Coledale
Hawke Thomas Robertson 5733 Helensburgh
Hawke Joseph Vincent 3824 Thirroul
Hawken Francis North 100 Wollongong
Hawken C Bellambi
Hawkins Frederick 2726
Hawkins K Wollongong
Hay John 66467 Keiraville
Hay William 6263 Helensburgh (Illawarra Remembers 1914 – 1918)
Hay Herbert Edward 2823 Bulli
Hay Alexander
Hay MC Percy William Kembla Hts. (Illawarra Remembers 1914 – 1918)
Hayden Thirroul
Hayes Hector
Hayes W Helensburgh
Hayes H Woonona
Hayes Jack Dapto
Hayes A E Albion Park
Hayes Thomas 6535 Bombo
Hayes Matron
Hayes John Howard Dapto
Hayes Edmund Henry
Hayes William C Wollongong
Hayes – Williams C Dapto
Hayles Frank Hewlett 1601 Wollongong
Hayman Edward Balgownie
Hayman William 6977 Balgownie
Hayman Francis Victor
Hayton Thomas 4430 Thirroul
Hazel Arthur Chrispen 4102 Clifton (Illawarra Remembers 1914 – 1918)
Head Peter Frederick 7073 Woonona (Illawarra Remembers 1914 – 1918)
Healey P
Healey B Dapto
Healey Reginald Alfred Charles 3511 Scarborough
Healey R A Albion Park
Healey Wilfred Charles 2611 Albion Park (Shellharbour ANZACS)
Healey M
Healey Phillip 7598 Drummoyne – (Shellharbour ANZACS)
Healy Alfred 1370 Brownsville

Oliver Heard – 3535 – BDHC


Oliver Holmes 3535 Bulli (Illawarra Remembers 1914 – 1918)
Heard Rodger 94554
Heardman H Woonona
Heath John Joseph 5750 Corrimal
Heather Frank
Hedges T
Hedges W J Port Kembla
Hegerty Michael Leslie
Heininger H
Heininger Edward John 4207 Wollongong
Heinnger Cyril Patrick AKA C.P. Allen 3390 Woonona
Hellmund Ernest Stephen 2836 Coledale
Hemmingson Timothy 1547 Scarborough
Henderson Archibald Cook 8119 Bulli
Henderson John 5120 Kiama
Henderson John 1681 Como
Henderson Thomas William 4052 Bega
Henderson Alfred 2945 Kiama
Henderson John 6041 Scarborough
Hendrickes Augustus 5121 Woonona
Hendry William 3615 Helensburgh
Heninger David Dapto
Hennen Henry 4432 Tarrawanna
Hennesy William Mark 5122 Berry
Henry James Albert 5119 Bomaderry
Henry Dudley
Henshaw Silverster 11333 Helensburgh
Hepburn Harold James 801 Unanderra
Hepper Joseph 3781 Wollongong
Hepper Walter Herbert 3161 Wollongong
Hepper William Henry N/A Wollongong
Herbert John Richardson 3318 Thirroul
Herd Herbert Edward James Wollongong
Herdman Herbert 3314 Bulli
Herring Walter 701 Bulli
Herron Robert 4095 Bulli
Heslop John 1606 Balgownie
Heslop A Balgownie
Heslop John 36685 Balgownie (Illawarra Remembers 1914 – 1918)
Hetherington William 6024 Woonona
Hetherington Lindsay David 2527 Kiama
Hewitson D
Hewitson Archibald Richmond 948 Kiama
Hewitson Albert 5122 Helensburgh
Hewitson John Lenord ( Len ) 269 Wollongong
Hewitt William H 2921A Annandale
Hewlett Alfreda Wollongong
Heycox Herbert Bulli – Woonona
Heycox Frederick Bulli – Woonona
Hick Austinmer
Hickman alias Burns Richard Robert 6151 Kiama
Hicks John Gordon 6353 Shellharbour (Shellharbour ANZACS)

George Hicks - c/ Joan Adams
George Hicks – c/ Joan Adams
George N 661 Bulli (Illawarra Remembers 1914 – 1918)

Henry Thomas "Harry" Hicks - c/ Ian Hicks
Henry Thomas “Harry” Hicks – c/ Ian Hicks
Henry Thomas N/A Thirroul (Illawarra Remembers 1914 – 1918)
Hicks Roy
Higgins Fred H Thirroul
Higgins Keith Allan 4409 Thirroul
Hiles J
Hill Arthur Charles Rowland 5381 Woonona
Hill Henry David Depot Woonona
Hill John Owen 59753 Scarborough
Hill William Richard (Dick ) 5110 Austinmer
Hill Thomas 4050 Woonona
Hill C Scarbrough
Hill J Scarborough
Hillier Arthur E 2255 Helensburgh
Hillier Albert Edward 274 Helensburgh
Hillman Harry G 9717 Wollongong
Hilton Joseph 1014 Helensburgh
Hilton J Port Kembla
Hilton John Kippax 1541 Helensburgh
Hind R Balgownie
Hinde Alfred 5123 Kiama
Hindley William 2650 Wollngong
Hindmarsh Robert Parker 510 Corrimal
Hindmarsh Thomas 3784 Corrimal
Hindmarsh MM George Mason 3608 Corrimal
Hinton J. E. Port Kembla
Hird Richard 1549 Balgownie


  • More detailed Service Record Information is available via Discovering ANZACS site – using name and service number details
  • Australian War Memorial Roll of Honour entries
  • However, for additional information some advice can be sought from Terry Bugg of the Illawarra Family History Group – ww1illawarra@gmail.com. Terry has been researching WW1 military records for many, many years and therefore maybe able to provide some answers without too much trouble.

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