WW1 Names – A

Those Who Served in WW1

Illawarra Military Historian and long time Illawarra Family History Group member, Terry Bugg, has been compiling an extensive database of over 4000 names of people associated with the Illawarra who served in WW1. (Note * in front of Name indicates that the person has died in WW1).


Abberton William Patrick N78922 Wollongong
Abberton Stephen
Abbott Stanley Joseph 3742 Scarborough
Abdullah Charles 6762 Port Kembla
Abercrombie George Malcom 334 Wollongong
Abercrombie James Scarborough
Acres William James 123 Corrimal
Adair George Terrance 3713 Dapto
Adams Albert 3876 Mount Kembla
Adams Thomas Robert 821 Unanderra
Addis James Henry 3006 Port Kembla
Adey Alfred Victor 348 Bulli
Adey Arthur Samuel 3678 Woonona
Adie Walter 5282 Balgownie
Adlington Raymond 1648 Wollongong
*Agnew Clement Oglivie 4026 Coledale
Agostinelli Peter Augustus  N/A Port Kembla
Ainley George 1658 Corrimal
Ainsworth Charles Herbert Depot Port Kembla
Aitchison Thomas 2371 Corrimal
Aitken Frederick John 4972 Shellharbour (Illawarra Remembers 1914 – 1918)
Aitken James Liddle 2103 Albion Park/Mt. Kembla – (Illawarra Remembers  1914-1918) – (Shellharbour ANZACS)
Aitken F W Shellharbour
Aitken A Albion Park
*Aitken Archibald Millar 2800 Wollongong (Illawarra Remembers 1914 – 1918) – Shellharbour ANZACS
*Aitkin (Aitken)* Frank Keith 1869 Unanderra
Aito William 2992 Shellharbour  – (Shellharbour ANZACS)
Alanson Harry Goodwin 4340 Woonona
Alanson Richard J S N/a Woonona
Alcorn George Thomas Clifton
Alderson Frank Sydney 1703 Bulli
*Alderson Charles Stanley(AKA) Palser,Harold 2955A Woonona
Alderson Harold – Henry 1702 Bulli
Aldous George Edgar Maguire 5279 Nowra
Aldridge George  Arnold 1905 Jamberro
Alexander W Helensburgh
*Alexander Herbert De Vere 1502 Wollongong
Alexander Clevland Holmes 5030 Nowra
* Alexander Alexander Norman 6946 Helensburgh
Alexander Samuel 1873 Kiama
*Alexander James Ernest 19025 Gerringong
Allan Joseph Duncan 478 Port Kembla
Allan James Alexander 875 Mt. Kembla (Illawarra Remembers 1914 – 1918)
Allen John (Jack) 4 Wollongong
Allen Albert Spencer 535 Kembla Hts. (Illawarra Remembers 1914 – 1918)
Allen W.G.
Allen Arthur Raymond 86056 Wollongong
*Allen Gordon Leslie Cameron 7436 Wollongong
Allen H
*Allen Edward 2326 Kiama
*Allen Leslie John 5974 Kiama
Allen Keith Wickham 2259 Shellharbour (Illawarra Remembers 1914 – 1918) – (Shellharbour ANZACS)
Allen Alf Wollongong ?
Allen Matthew 8139 Helensburgh
Allen Sylvester Bayliss 3559 Wollongong
Allison Thomas Balgownie
*Allison John Edmund 6768A Kiama
Allsed T
Allsep Alfred John 6899 Wollongong
Allsop Arthur James 5781 Wollongong
Allsopp Thomas 3752 Dapto
*Allsop William Henry Depot Helensburgh
Anderson George H Woonona
Anderson D
Anderson Charles Leonard          N/A
Anderson G
Anderson Oscar 2857 Wollongong
Anderson Conrad Victor 354 Mt. Kembla (Illawarra Remembers 1914 – 1918)
Anderson William Charles 156 Corrimal
Anderson Arthur Clarence 6703 Wollongong
Anderson Aubrey Will 31976 Wollongong
Anderson H A Port Kembla
*Anderson Oliver (Percy) 4129 Wollongong
Anderson William Oscar 1656 Coledale
Anderson C Helensburgh
Anderson William Frederick Titcheror 2370 Kiama (Shellharbour ANZACS)
Anderson Edward 25654 Wollongong
Anderson Woonona
Anderson Ernest Smiles 2780 Corrimal
Anderson Kennth Primrose 31999 Dunmore (Shellharbour ANZACS)
Andreassen Ludwig 5281 Wollongong
Andrews Joe
Annesley Leslie 51 Woonona
Annett William John 155 Figtree
Annett A Wollongong
Annett Alexander 2111 Wollongong
Annetts Arthur Royden 6166 Coledale
Annetts Walter Ernest (Skyo) 67817 Scarborough
Anthony John Gerald 2370 Corrimal
Applebee Lester Norman 1812 Balgownie
Appleby Aubrey William Frederick 818 Wollongong
*Appleby Wilfred Lawson 476 Keiraville (Illawarra Remembers 1914 – 1918)
Archer Charles Henry 547 Albion Park
Armamagnacq Lafayette 4334 Port Kembla
Armfield Lionel 1309 Kiama
Armstrong Alexander 1882 Corrimal
Armstrong Horace – Harold 348/4067 Dapto
Armstrong William 1464/1311 Helensburgh
Armstrong Roderick Avondale 7192 Wollongong
Arnold Thomas 5799 Wollongong
*Arnold Jonas Price 130 Kiama (Illawarra Remembers 1914 – 1918)
Arnott Tommy 74 Wollongong
*Arthur William Henry Dapto
Arthur T E
Arthur W H Corrimal
Artis William Frederick 21680 Bulli
Artis Andrew Ballantyne 1972 Bulli
*Asher John Henry (Harry) 1189 Dapto
Asher Charles 6276 Dapto
Ashmore John 3680 Balgownie
Ashworth William Arthur 3231 Wollongong
Askew Frank 2611 Wollongong
Astley Leslie Frederick 4430 Port Kembla
Athorn Bert 1801 Wollongong
Atkin F. J. See Aitken
Atkins G.A. Wollongong
Atkinson Fredrick 593A Helensburgh
Atkinson R Helensburgh
Atkinson H J Thirroul
*Atkinson William (DCM) 93A Helensburgh
Atkinson Thomas N/a
Attfield William George 818 Bellambi
Auld Florence Mary  Nurses Woonona
*Austin George Robert 4252 Wollongong
*Austin Matthew Herbert 707 Helensburgh
*Austin Edward George 593 Corrimal (Illawarra Remembers 1914 – 1918)
*Austin Matthew Herbert 707 Clifton
Austin Thomas Bary 2232 Wollongong


  • More detailed Service Record Information is available via Discovering ANZACS site – using name and service number details
  • Australian War Memorial Roll of Honour entries
  • However, for additional information some advice can be sought from Terry Bugg of the Illawarra Family History Group – ww1illawarra@gmail.com. Terry has been researching WW1 military records for many, many years and therefore maybe able to provide some answers without too much trouble.

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