Note – hyperlinks to be added :

Aldridge George  Arnold 1905 Jamberoo
Booth James Oliver Alan 6962 Jamberoo
Boyle Thomas Emilian 5801 Jamberoo
Cady Joseph 5060 Jamberoo
Cady James George 2548 Jamberoo
Davis H Jamberoo
Fleming William John Jamberoo
Gibson William Henry Irvine 5103 Jamberoo
Hardie Harry Robert 2653 Jamberoo
Horner Ray 6265 Jamberoo
McAuliffe Thomas William 2688 Jamberoo
McAuliffe Gabriel 2748 Jamberoo
McGrath Walter 6205 Jamberoo
Morris Sydney Victor 6565 Jamberoo
Morrissey Denis Patrick Jamberoo
O’Neill William 6367 Jamberoo
Quinn Albert Francis 4650 Jamberoo
Sproule Thomas Stanley 2704 Jamberoo
Sproule John Oliver 1768 Jamberoo
Sproule David Hugh 2703 Jamberoo
Vidler William Dixon 2743 Jamberoo
Walker William James 15297 Jamberoo

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