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Alexander James Ernest 19025 Gerringong
Brown Walter John 50 Gerringong
Brown George Elliot 5796 Gerringong
Campbell George Wallace 3114 Gerringong
Campbell David Gordon 1682 Gerringong
Cooke George Herbert 848 Gerringong
Cooke Harold Ernest 3045 Gerringong
Dark Norman ( Nugget ) 4787 Gerringong
Deweske David 416 Gerringong
Dietz John Phillip Gerringong
Donovan George 2360 Gerringong
Donovan John William 505 Gerringong
Eade Arthur 4488 Gerringong
Howes Alfred Francis Sydney 7482 Gerringong
Kelly Patrick Fanahan 1980 Gerringong
Kelly Daniel Joseph 2395 Gerringong
Lee Harry Gerringong
Miller George Malcolm 3128 Gerringong
Miller Henry Gordon 1641 Gerringong
Miller Stanley George William 3217 Gerringong
Moore Edmond Alfred 1393 Gerringong
Moore Robert 6518 Gerringong
Moore Thomas Matthew N/A Gerringong
O’Brien Frederick John 1452 Gerringong
Parrish Lindsay Thomas 3607 Gerringong
Parrish Albert 3608 Gerringong
Parrish Edward James 3224 Gerringong
Rutledge William Henry 2374 Gerringong
Rutledge Arthur James 1672 Gerringong
Rutledge Ernest E N94494 Gerringong
Sackley William John 5176 Gerringong
Sharpe Wallace John 2377 Gerringong
Walker Vincent James Nelson 595 Gerringong
Webb Shadwick Joseph 3276 Gerringong
Wells John 335/2186 Gerringong
Young Albert Henry 3489 Gerringong

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