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Annett William John 155 Figtree
Bassett William 58539 Figtree
Bassett Frederick N88469 Figtree
Bills William 7032 Figtree
Brown Cecil George Figtree
Brown W Ashley Figtree
Chinnock Albert Ernest 2018 Figtree
Hargrave Edward Ackland – Bob 1073 Figtree
Howden William Sandiland 9549 Figtree
Johnson Charlie 2166 Figtree
Jordan Charles Figtree
Mathison George Stephen Figtree
Osborne A Figtree
Rodgers William Joseph 6306 Figtree
Rodgers Patrick Francis 5214 Figtree
Spinks Frederick Keith James 2473 Figtree
Timothy Ernest Edward 2491 Figtree

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