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Adams Thomas Robert 821 Unanderra
Aitkin (Aitken)* Frank Keith 1869 Unanderra
Banfield   MC Henry Evans 2107 Unanderra
Bradford Maud Rebecca Unanderra
Brewer Cecil William 90711 Unanderra
Brown C Unanderra
Buckley Albert William MM 2614 Unanderra
Burgess Leslie Hope 6042 Unanderra
Burke F Unanderra
Byron Unanderra
Cawe Edward Sydney 2342 Unanderra
Chapman Walter 3725 Unanderra
Chinnick G Unanderra
Cochrane Harold (Harry) 31170 Unanderra
Colbert Walter 4457 Unanderra
Cook Henry James 2630 Unanderra
Cooper Charles Belford 3360 Unanderra PS
Cunningham Michael 6044 Unanderra
Cunningham W Unanderra
Dines Charles Stewart – Stuart 74 Unanderra
Duxsbury James Simpson 523 Unanderra
Fackender Eric William 1126 Unanderra
Ferris (Ferriss) Cecil 941 Unanderra
Franklin Thomas 2983 Unanderra
Franklin Phillip 3528 Unanderra
Franklin F Unanderra
Franklin Walter C 1534 Unanderra
Franklin Cyril 2687 Unanderra
Gorrell James Kingsley 9857 Unanderra
Gorrell Stanley William 3624 Unanderra
Gorrell John Westley Roy 3538 Unanderra
Grogan Roy George 3149 Unanderra
Hepburn Harold James 801 Unanderra
Hopper Charles S 3805 Unanderra
Ikin Lancelot 6433 Unanderra
Jeffery Ernest 4520 Unanderra
Johnston C Unanderra
Kirby Frederick William 65775 Unanderra
Lawless Robert McClure 2938A Unanderra
Limond William 3340 Unanderra
Lindsay E Unanderra
Lindsay George Unanderra
Lindsay Walter 2199 Unanderra
Lindsay Thomas Francis 2962 Unanderra
Lindsay H Unanderra
McFarlane Unanderra
McIntosh John S 12736 Unanderra
Muir Frederick Warren 644 Unanderra
Neaves Edward George N / A Unanderra
Neaves Henry Herbert 2659 Unanderra
Neaves Alfred Ernest (Gundy) 480 Unanderra
O’Brien William Charles Joseph 5012 Unanderra
Osborne E Unanderra
Osborne Thomas Erskine 7164 Unanderra
Reid James Unanderra
Richards Rodger Bede 177 Unanderra
Richardson J W N/A Unanderra
Ronson Tom Unanderra
Southall William Henderson 3040 Unanderra
Stapleton William John 3623 Unanderra
Stevens J R Unanderra
Thompson Wilfred Carlton 66540 Unanderra
Thompson H Unanderra
Timothy Stanley John 4114 Unanderra
Warrington Arthur Roy Unanderra
Wellings Walter Milton 1710 Unanderra
Wright W Unanderra

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