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Aitken Frederick John 4972 Shellharbour
Aitken F W Shellharbour
Aito William 2992 Shellharbour
Allen Keith Wickham 2259 Shellharbour
Bennett W Shellharbour
Bursill Albert Leslie R/10183 Shellharbour
Bursill Percy Harold 35595 Shellharbour
Chopin Charles Frederick Giles 7134 Shellharbour
Couch Arthur Barry 37856 Shellharbour
Dunster William Darcy 3116 Shellharbour
East Augustus Milton 6293 Shellharbour
Evans Thomas 2689 Shellharbour
Evans W Shellharbour
Gallen Augustus 7355 Shellharbour
Hicks John Gordon 6353 Shellharbour
Horniman Lancelot Vicary 2146/Lt. Shellharbour
Inskip Frederick Charles 5714 Shellharbour
James Cubitt William Arnold 7144 Shellharbour
Jones D Shellharbour
Jones Robert  David 1283 Shellharbour
Lewis William Colin 4224 Shellharbour
Lindsay Arthur Harold (Harry) 4476 Shellharbour
MacFarlane (MC) Edward MacFarlane N/A Shellharbour
Maloney James William Shellharbour
Martin T J Shellharbour
Martin George Edmond Depot Shellharbour
Martin James Charles 2406 Shellharbour
McCabe Christopher A 5418 Shellharbour
McNulty Charles Albert 4817 Shellharbour
Mills Cecil Beaumont N/A Shellharbour
Moloney William Joseph 2095 Shellharbour
Moss Richard 707 Shellharbour
Oldfield E Shellharbour
Pinhey Guy Townley 29142 Shellharbour
Rae Harold 1022 Shellharbour
Reid Robert West 1894 Shellharbour
Rolph Robert Henry 86090 Shellharbour
Rundle Archie 2708 Shellharbour
Thomas Ralph William Haslem 6374 Shellharbour
Watson Frederick William 479 Shellharbour
Whitfield Kenneth Ross 7572 Shellharbour
Williams James 6337 Shellharbour
Wilson John 1755 Shellharbour

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