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Abbott Stanley Joseph 3742 Scarborough
Abercrombie James Scarborough
Annetts Walter Ernest (Skyo) 67817 Scarborough
Baillie L Scarborough
Baker James 42 Scarborough
Barrett George Scarborough
Barrett Aaron 4096 Scarborough
Benton Charles Lloydell 1939A Scarborough
Benton  (MM) Raymond Richard 5039 Scarborough
Betteridge Gordon L Scarborough
Blacket George Oswald Campbell MM 1884 Scarborough
Blackett James Cloville Blackett 1166 Scarborough
Braddock John 6468 Scarborough
Brown Charles Alexander 2341 Scarborough
Brown Henry, (Harry) 2884 Scarborough
Brown M Scarborough
Brown Thomas 814 Scarborough
Burrows Daniel 5243 Scarborough
Calvert Z Scarborough
Cameron Kenneth 4385 Scarborough
Carr Jack Scarborough
Chapman John 4938 Scarborough
Charlton Albert Griffith 5058 Scarborough
Charlton W Scarborough
Clyde Gordon 6843 Scarborough
Collins Roy Scarborough
Coomber W Scarborough
Crane Hector Phillip 2339A Scarborough
Crealy (Creely ) Patrick Scarborough
Crozier Thomas Gracie 1907 Scarborough
Cruickshanks Alick Scarborough
Dalley Scarborough
Davies Albert E Scarborough
Easterbrook James Scarborough
Edens Francis R 62 Scarborough
Edwards A Scarborough
Evans Evan Scarborough
Evans William 4111 Scarborough
Everett Keith Stuart 2060 Scarborough
Ewing Hugh 3371 Scarborough
Ewing Alexander 2307 Scarborough
Findley Alexander Scarborough
Fish Scarborough
Foster Sam Scarborough
Frogatt Alfred 503 Scarborough
Gibbs Scarborough
Gillian John Joseph 5707 Scarborough
Goldie (CdeG) Dr. R. D. Scarborough
Golts J Scarborough
Hamilton William Henry 4945 Scarborough
Hancock J Scarborough
Handcock S Scarborough
Hardy W Scarborough
Hardy W Scarborough
Harris Willaim Scarborough
Healey Reginald Alfred Charles 3511 Scarborough
Hemmingson Timothy 1547 Scarborough
Henderson John 6041 Scarborough
Hill John Owen 59753 Scarborough
Hill C Scarborough
Hill J Scarborough
Hopkinson Maticen or Matthew 4144 Scarborough
Jones Richard 6179 Scarborough
Kane Patrick 1238 Scarborough
Langdon Arthur Scarborough
Langdon Edward (Ted) Scarborough
Langdon Arthur Scarborough
Langton Edward ( Ted ) 2931 Scarborough
Laurence Scarborough
Lawrence Scarborough
Leeham T Scarborough
Lenham Thomas Harold 823 Scarborough
Lillie James 904 Scarborough
MacFarlane Alexander 1255 Scarborough
McArthur John (Jack) 1229 Scarborough
McDonald James 916 Scarborough
McGoldrick Charles Henry 5183 Scarborough
McLean James 913 Scarborough
McLean Donald Hector 13821 Scarborough
Mulqueeny Scarborough
Murray George Scarborough
Neat Alexander 1076 Scarborough
O’Brien James Henry 4751 Scarborough
Paine Russell Neill Scarborough
Paine Sydney William 1743 Scarborough
Pallister Scarborough
Partridge Jim Scarborough
Paterson P Scarborough
Paterson James Whyte (White) 961 Scarborough
Patterson James Scarborough
Payne Sid Scarborough
Phillis F Scarborough
Price James Scarborough
Price David 5436 Scarborough
Pring Arthur Henry 26394 Scarborough
Raistrick Charles Harold 564 Scarborough
Raistrick Harry 2012 Scarborough
Robb Donald Gunn 60027 Scarborough
Robertson Roy Henderson 1765 Scarborough
Robertson James Livingston 3221 Scarborough
Selby Albert Arthur 6683 Scarborough
Sheppard George Scarborough
Shirlaw Walter James 7860 Scarborough
Sinclair Alexander 1301 Scarborough
Skeats Alfred George 3887 Scarborough
Skeats Cecil Reginald 5205 Scarborough
Smith Arthur William 992 Scarborough
Stevens J Scarborough
Tennant Matthew 4598 Scarborough
Thompson Scarborough
Thrower Robert 9909 Scarborough
Thrower William 999 Scarborough
Tirk Charles W Scarborough
Tomkinson J Scarborough
Turk C W or M Scarborough
Turnbull J Scarborough
Turner Francis 2738 Scarborough
Vardy George William – Willie 2839 Scarborough
Wailes C Scarborough
Walker Scarborough
Ward Zacharias Baxter 6639 Scarborough
Whyres (Wythes ) James Edward John 164 Scarborough
Whythes James Edward 164 Scarborough
Williams Meredydd 1311 Scarborough
Williams David 5666 Scarborough
Wilson Percy Clifton N/A Scarborough
Wilson Edward – Eddie Scarborough
Wilson Briton Sexton 17408 Scarborough
Wilson Edison William 1498 Scarborough
Winter/s John 5913 Scarborough
Wright William ( Buster ) 2750 Scarborough
Wythes James Edward John 164 Scarborough
Young Jack Donachie 7579 Scarborough

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