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Aldous George Edgar Maguire 5279 Nowra
Alexander Clevland Holmes 5030 Nowra
Barnard Richard Horace 5044 Nowra
Battye Cyril Claude 5283 Nowra
Black William Morton 6358 Nowra
Black Donald Mervyn 5652 Nowra
Braithwaite Alfred Ismael 5049 Nowra
Braithwaite John Joseph 5050 Nowra
Cashman Reginald Norman 5062 Nowra
Collins Walter George 5065 Nowra
Cooke Cecil James N/A Nowra
Cramond William David 5069 Nowra
Elliott Cecil Gordon 5088 Nowra
Foster Bruce 5092 Nowra
Lake Leslie Clive 5733 Nowra
MacKenzie Hector Alexander N/A Nowra
Martin Clement Lindsay 5163 Nowra
Piper Percival Evans 5200 Nowra
Player William Charles 3783 Nowra
Poore Arthur Edward Walter 4917 Nowra
Rauch Herbert Cryil Milton 5211 Nowra
Rawlinson Henry 5212 Nowra
Richards Joseph William 5213 Nowra
Scott Thomas Edward 5226 Nowra
Stockwell Richard 2852 Nowra
Synnerdahl Carl Magnus Thorston 5231 Nowra
Thomas Joseph Ambrose 5776 Nowra
Toms Frederick John 5241 Nowra

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