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Appleby Wilfred Lawson 476 Keiraville
Bird Walter 65952 Keiraville
Blake David 6217 Keiraville
Buckle Frederick Alexander 6114 Keiraville
Chapman John J Keiraville
Chinnocks William Keiraville
Chinnocks James E Keiraville
Cornforth Thomas Harold Cook 2985 Keiraville
Crawford William George 2632 Keiraville
Davies Arthur Keiraville
Davis Keiraville
Dobbie William James 6674 Wollongong/Keiraville
Dobing Joseph Keiraville
Dowsett John William Richard 742 Keiraville
Doyle R Keiraville
Drinkwater Christopher Percy 6259 Keiraville
Dyer Martin Luther 3170 Keiraville
Fell George Henry 54416 Keiraville
Fell Charles Frederick Roy 2161 Keiraville
Gallagher Edmund Patrick 5696 Keiraville
Gardner A J ( Albert ) Keiraville
Gardner W Keiraville
Gilmore Matthew David 732 Keiraville
Gilmore F Keiraville
Grant Robert 58567 Keiraville
Gray W Keiraville
Gray George 19056 Keiraville
Hay John 66467 Keiraville
Houghton Richard (Dick) 2340 Keiraville
Hunt E A Keiraville
Lewis Albert William 4762 Keiraville
Lewis George 675 Keiraville
Lewis W Keiraville
Murphy Clyde Reginald 5128 Keiraville
Murphy O Keiraville
Murphy Edward Peter 3875 Keiraville
Murray Bert Keiraville
O’Hara William Keiraville
Owen John Henry 2003 Keiraville
Oxman Frank Keiraville
Oxman John Henry ( Harry ) 5799 Keiraville
Oxman George 5798 Keiraville
Rodges W Keiraville
Shipp Alfred Nathan 289 Keiraville
Smith David John 8608 Keiraville
Smith Edward Keiraville
Smith Charles Edward Keiraville
Souter Alexander 283 Keiraville
Souter John Forbes 3474 Keiraville
Souter John Forbes (Dick) 5229 Keiraville
Spriggs Charles Vivian 25643 Keiraville
Stephenson H Keiraville
Swift  (MM) James 25644 Keiraville
Tubman Matthew 5104 Keiraville
Upward William Edmund 3156 Keiraville
Waters Mark Elms 1270 Keiraville

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