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Adair George Terrance 3713 Dapto
Allsop Thomas 3752 Dapto
Armstrong Horace – Harold 348/4067 Dapto
Arthur William Henry Dapto
Asher John Henry (Harry) 1189 Dapto
Asher Charles 6276 Dapto
Bailey Alexander Clyde Dapto
Bailey Alexander Clyde 2590 Dapto public
Bailey Oswald Henry 11 Dapto
Bailey Edgar Leslie (MM) 4489 Dapto
Bailey Ernest Leslie 4489 Dapto
Baly Raymond Mason 59120 Dapto
Bayley Clyde Dapto
Bayley Les Dapto
Bayley O H Dapto
Beach Harrie Gibbons 3014 Dapto
Beach William Alexander 1034 Dapto
Bell Dapto
Bennett E M Dapto
Bingham Evelyn Francis 3121 Dapto
Bird Dapto
Boyle Joseph William Luke 829 Dapto
Brown W Dapto
Brown Montaque Ambrose (Monty ) Dapto
Brush Edward Dapto
Bryen Robert Thomas 3372 Dapto
Bryen Frederick Edward 6287 Dapto
Buchanan Joseph 6476 Dapto
Buckley A Dapto
Carmichael I or C Dapto
Carrbery Harold Joseph 285 Dapto
Cawe C Dapto
Chapman George Henry 3616 Dapto
Chie Carlton Norman 5860 Dapto
Chippendale B H  ( Harry ) Dapto
Chippendale Dudley Dapto
Clifford J Dapto
Clifford Edward N38374 Dapto
Clifford Thomas 3275 Dapto
Colbert Martin Leslie 3608 Dapto
Cooper R B D Dapto
Cooper Alan Ferguson 4248 Dapto
Cooper Dapto
Courtney George 833 Dapto
Dann Edward Charles 4109 Dapto
Dare Ernest Wilfred 3284 Dapto
Dare Albert E 2591 Dapto
Dawes Hollis (Ollie) Roy 4499 Dapto
Dawes Walter Leslie 2167 Dapto
Dedrrick John Edward Henry 24834 Dapto
Denniss Stanley Edwin 5077 Dapto
Derrick John Edward Henry 24834 Dapto
Dunmore William Henderson N/A Dapto
Fredericks Harry Arthur 3512A Dapto
Gillen Hughie 1471 Dapto
Gillen John 942/2062 Dapto
Guest W Dapto
Hargrave W A Dapto
Harman T Dapto
Harnan T Dapto
Harris Herbert 3340 Dapto
Harris Joseph Ernest 6073 Dapto
Hart James 3356 Dapto
Harvey P Dapto
Hayes Jack Dapto
Hayes John Howard Dapto
Hayes – Williams C Dapto
Healey B Dapto
Heninger David Dapto
Holmes Reginald John James 1397 Dapto
Hore William Augustus 2572 Dapto
Howard Bill Dapto
Kevan John McClure 58591 Dapto
Lane Harry Dapto
Lane W Dapto
Lannett Dapto
Law James Donald 162 Dapto
Law Donald Charles 162 Dapto
Levinge Clinton Vincent 33027 Dapto
Liddle T Dapto
Lindsay W A Dapto
Lindsay Erick Strathford Dapto
Lindsay Ernest Austin Dapto
Lindsay Arthur Dapto
Lindsay John Hessell Dapto
Lindsay Sidney Wilson 1396 Dapto
Lindsay John Charles Dapto
Little William Robert 6281 Dapto
Lovell Leslie Francis 2179 Dapto
Lumley Thomas Charles 6275 Dapto
MacLean Herbert Caldwell 506 Dapto
Mark Edgar 2403 Dapto
Mark Charles 17650 Dapto
Marshall Harold Vincent 95187 Dapto
Mason Dapto
May C J (Poss. Charles John) 285 Dapto
McCabe F Dapto
McCreedy A J Dapto
McDonald Ainsley Neville 2363 Dapto
McDowell John Ambrose Dapto
McIntosh F Dapto
McIntosh Donald Frederick 2644 Dapto
McMahon Joseph 12018 Dapto
Moore Jack Dapto
Moore Henry James 17272 Dapto
Oyston Thomas 4092 Dapto
Oyston William 729 Dapto
Pearson Joseph N90751 Dapto/Albion Park
Perrott Cecil Hubert 962 Dapto
Phillips Bert John 3429 Dapto
Poulson Alex Oscar 883 Port Kembla/Dapto
Read Guy Dapto
Reen John Leonard 7521 Dapto
Robson Thomas 2732 Dapto
Rowan John N88732 Dapto
Ryan Basil James 21336 Dapto
Schwarer Arthur Augustus 14469 Dapto
Schwarer William James 1473 Dapto
Shaw Sam 7299 Dapto
Shaw James Law 3411 Dapto
Shearer Andrew Wallace 1497 Dapto
Shelley Ray Dapto
Sherlock John Sidney Depot Dapto
Sparshott E A Dapto
Stanley Jay Montague 408 Dapto
Stanley Jay Montague 14811 Dapto
Stevens Alf Dapto
Stevens William Alfred 67701 Dapto
Stevens James Robert 3302 Dapto
Stevens A Dapto
Stewart Raymond Tapper 6089 Dapto
Swan Edward Bartlett 11801 Dapto
Tansey Martin 5157 Dapto
Teece N/A Dapto
Thomas H Dapto
Thomas Eric Hamilton Dapto
Tomkins Henry Ardagh 1775 Dapto
Tomkins Bert Dapto
Turner Robert Edward 2734 Dapto
Walker William Peter Roy 3553 Dapto
Wright W C Dapto
York Jack Dapto

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