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Acres William James 123 Corrimal
Ainley George 1658 Corrimal
Aitchison Thomas 2371 Corrimal
Anderson William Charles 156 Corrimal
Anderson Ernest Smiles 2780 Corrimal
Anthony John Gerald 2370 Corrimal
Armstrong Alexander 1882 Corrimal
Arthur W H Corrimal
Austin Edward George 593 Corrimal
Baker Albert D Corrimal
Bannon Thomas 2287 Corrimal
Barnett John Corrimal
Beadman William 1595 Corrimal
Beadman Reginald 1596 Corrimal
Beavan Ivor Corrimal
Benyon J H Corrimal
Biggar John 19039 Corrimal
Blakney Samuel 1280 Corrimal
Blanky Herbert Corrimal
Blundell Harry 64750 Corrimal
Booth John Corrimal
Booth James Edward 688 Corrimal
Booth William Thomas 341 Corrimal
Boyer Ferdinand Owen 5037 Corrimal
Bramsen Albert C 6016 Corrimal
Brown William Charles 453 Corrimal
Brown John 6712 Corrimal
Brown William Charles  MM 1142 Corrimal
Buchanan Thomas Walter 5654 Corrimal
Buchanan Richard George Corrimal
Buckley Jonathan Yates 4134A Corrimal
Buckley Joseph E Corrimal
Buddin James 7105 Corrimal
Burgess William Frederick 6473 Corrimal
Burgess Walter Frederick Corrimal
Burke Frank (MID) Corrimal
Burrell Sewell ? Corrimal
Bye Charles Edmund 1174 Corrimal
Cairns William 19383 Corrimal
Caldwell Alan 2692 Corrimal
Caldwell Bruce 2146 Corrimal
Callaghan Patrick Corrimal
Cameron Andrew 5668 Corrimal
Capon Harry Thomas Corrimal
Carr Felix Edward 6230 Corrimal
Carrington William 1344 Corrimal
Chapman E Corrimal
Chapman James 4758 Corrimal
Chapman James Corrimal
Charlesworth David 1439 Corrimal
Clark James Corrimal
Clegg Thomas Arthur 1931 Corrimal
Cockburn Herbert Corrimal
Cockburn Edward Thomas 6494 Corrimal
Collier William Corrimal
Comensoli/Comensola Peter 3583 Corrimal
Cook Thomas Corrimal
Cooper Sydney Charles 5667 Corrimal
Coulter George J Corrimal
Coulton George Joseph 1270 Corrimal
Crago George 5778 Corrimal
Crago Arthur 2303 Corrimal
Cropper Harold 3208 Corrimal
Cruickshanks Walter Cecil 2718 Corrimal
Curran Frank 4498 Corrimal/Austinmer
Dalby Charles Monty Corrimal
Davies Joseph 2408 Corrimal
Davies William Corrimal
Davies Tom Corrimal
Davies Frederick Rees 1618 Corrimal
Davis Corrimal
Dawes Ernest 4772 Corrimal
Dawes Thomas William 184 Corrimal
Dawson Charles Corrimal
Dawson H C Corrimal
Dawson R P Corrimal
Dovers G H S Corrimal
Duncan Henry (Harry) 2126 Corrimal
Egan Patrick 1546 Corrimal
Egan William 558 Corrimal
Egan Denis James 3020a Corrimal
Elphinstone Nicolas Archibald 2159 Corrimal
Evans William Corrimal
Evans Edward James 4486 Corrimal
Eyeington Thomas William 4533 Corrimal
Farrell L Corrimal
Fell Robert 338 Corrimal
Ferrario Amedio Joseph 7725 Corrimal
Fletcher Norman Kingsley 18659 Corrimal
Forrest Roy Everard Corrimal
Freil Daniel 3017 Corrimal
Gallagher William Vincent 1712 Corrimal
Gallagher Martin Corrimal
Gallagher Patrick Corrimal
Gay Albert Corrimal
Gaynor James 5386 Corrimal
Gibson A Corrimal
Gibson John Albert 5095 Corrimal
Gilligan Patrick 6027 Corrimal
Gordon Alex Corrimal
Gordon William Henry Corrimal
Gordon Charles Corrimal
Green Tom Corrimal
Green William Keria 5008 Corrimal
Greer William A 103 Corrimal
Grigor Frank Gordon 242 Corrimal
Hall Joseph 6531 Corrimal
Hamilton Archibald MM 5114 Corrimal
Hampson Robert 3619 Corrimal
Hansen Herbert William 6558 Corrimal
Hansen Harold Victor 6813 Corrimal
Harrison J N Corrimal
Hart Reg G Corrimal
Haslem Bert Corrimal
Heath John Joseph 5750 Corrimal
Hindmarsh Robert Parker 510 Corrimal
Hindmarsh Thomas 3784 Corrimal
Hindmarsh MM George Mason 3608 Corrimal
Horan Edward 413 Corrimal
Horne Ronald 4203 Corrimal
Hughes George Thomas. ‘Chick’ 862 Corrimal
Hughes Edward J Corrimal
Hunt Charles Corrimal
Hutchison (Hutchinson) Joseph 3613 Corrimal
Hynes Alfred Thomas 113 Corrimal
Jenkins James 5762 Corrimal
Jones David William 1923 Corrimal
Kenning William 449 Corrimal
Kenning Abraham 4194 Corrimal
Kenning Robert Thompson Corrimal
Kerr Hugh 1930 Corrimal
Kiely Charles Corrimal
Kilkelly John C Corrimal
Kilpatrick William John 4302 Corrimal
Lacey Ernest 6085 Corrimal
Lane Roy Charles 228 Corrimal
Lear Arthur 2630 Corrimal
Leathes Edward 5193 Corrimal
Lewis David Gwyne 421 Corrimal
Lewis Maurice Llewllyn 6272 Corrimal
Little George Corrimal
Maddison Henry 6052 Corrimal
Marshall John James 2489 Corrimal
Martin Albert 1425 Corrimal
Martin Thomas Corrimal
Mascord Phillip James 2603 Corrimal
May Maurice Kingsley 52908 Corrimal
McCann John – Jack 2174 Corrimal
McCauley George Corrimal
McCloskie Oswald 4831 Corrimal
McCluskey Wilheim 3593 Corrimal
McCluskey William Corrimal
McColgan William Allan 1849 Corrimal
McDonald J Corrimal
McDonald Donald 2384 Corrimal
McGill J Corrimal
McGuigan Peter 1968 Corrimal
McGuigan John 1066 Corrimal
McIlhoney George 1564 Corrimal
McIntyre Desmond Kenneth 4403 Corrimal
McIntyre Alex 1506 Corrimal
McIntyre Robert Francis 4710 Corrimal
McKee Leslie Gordon 2366 Corrimal
Meehan Leslie Corrimal
Miller Robert 1944 Corrimal
Mitchell Jack Lancelot 29122 Corrimal
Moir Tom Ballantyne Corrimal
Morgan Robert J Corrimal
Morgan William 2695 Corrimal
Morgan Charles 2028 Corrimal
Morgan Richard 2000 Corrimal
Noble Austin E 3495 Corrimal
Noldart James Corrimal
Noldart Albert Stanley 2423 Corrimal
Noldart Henry Corrimal
O’Leary William Leslie 6878 Corrimal& Kiama
Owen Frank 1378 Corrimal
Owens Richard Corrimal
Owens Frank Corrimal
Palfreyman Herbert 3665 Corrimal
Pallister John 5755 Corrimal
Parry Hubert 7057 Corrimal
Perry H Corrimal
Philpot James Temple 1084 Corrimal
Philpot William 624 Corrimal
Pigg Charles Wardle 2838 Corrimal
Platt Thomas 8680 Corrimal
Plews William Edward 3911 Corrimal
Plumb Phillip 758 Corrimal
Plumb Phillip 966 Corrimal
Pollack Samuel John 4570 Corrimal
Power Ernest Joseph 2659 Corrimal
Price Edward Corrimal
Remilton John James 3107 Corrimal
Reynolds Hugh 260 Corrimal
Reynolds Hugh 880 Corrimal
Richards Thomas Henry 5758 Corrimal/Thirroul
Richardson George 2516 Corrimal
Richardson William 2477 Corrimal
Riley Charles Corrimal
Roberts Corrimal
Roberts Robert 2953 Corrimal
Robertson William 2217 Corrimal
Robinson Joseph 5219 Corrimal
Robinson James 5167 Corrimal
Roebuck John 2123 Corrimal
Rolls Arthur John 2466 Corrimal
Roose Hugh Francis 4822 Corrimal
Roose John William Robert 2457 Corrimal
Rothery Montague Cecil 39521 Corrimal
Russell Hugh John 66318 Corrimal
Ryan Daniel 2678 Corrimal
Ryan John Barry 2216 Corrimal
Savage William Henry Corrimal
Savage William F Corrimal
Schadel George Edward 1661 Corrimal
Scobie Henry 1567 Corrimal
Sharman John Edward 1080 Corrimal
Sheedy John William 3046 Corrimal
Simmonds Thomas Corrimal
Simpson W Corrimal
Simpson Rupert Ernest 4856 Corrimal
Simpson Rueben Corrimal
Smith Bernard Mathew 4764 Corrimal
Smith David Henry Depot Corrimal
Smith Robert Corrimal
Smith David Augutus 2203 Corrimal
Smith Albert H Corrimal
Smith Hugh 5193 Corrimal
Smith Edward Corrimal
Smith Archie Corrimal
Sneddon Peter Corrimal
Stanbrough Les Corrimal
Sterndale Thomas Depot Corrimal
Stevens Corrimal
Stevens Athol Roy 2733 Corrimal
Street Charles Edward 2724 Corrimal
Street Edwin 2725 Corrimal
Strickland Walter Raymond Corrimal
Tait James 5198 Corrimal
Tapp Richard 9577 Corrimal
Taylor Charles 307 Corrimal
Taylor Charles 2233 Corrimal
Taylor Charles L Corrimal
Temp Jack 3190 Corrimal
Thomas Harry Corrimal
Thompson Isaac 373 Corrimal
Thompson Harry Corrimal
Thoroughgood Sydney 3049 Corrimal
Tibbetts Ernest Henry 7109 Corrimal
Tressider Archie Corrimal
Tripp Charles 5192 Corrimal
Watson William Corrimal
Watts John 2704 Corrimal
Wheeler John 5108 Corrimal
White Robert 2252 Corrimal
Williams William James 6336 Corrimal
Williams Thomas Joseph 5304 Corrimal
Williams Thomas Joseph 1201 Corrimal
Williams aka O’Leary John aka William Leslie 6878 Corrimal
Williamson Godfrey Eugene Peter 2503 Corrimal
Williamson John Victor 2315 Corrimal
Willmott John Thomas 2244 Corrimal
Witt Arthur 1793 Corrimal
Wood Robert 7750 Corrimal
Woods T Corrimal
Wyard Harry 1695 Corrimal
Wyard William Edward 1879 Corrimal
York Alfred Corrimal

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