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Agnew Clement Oglivie 4026 Coledale
Anderson William Oscar 1656 Coledale
Annetts Arthur Royden 6166 Coledale
Ballinger Arthur Percival 2108 Coledale
Bradley William 4658 Coledale
Bradley Edward 9882 Coledale
Bradley George Coledale
Bradley Thomas 2579 Coledale
Bubear George Thomas 1912 Coledale
Bubear George Thomas. 160 Coledale
Bubear Frederick 1913 Coledale
Bubear Frank Arthur 52507 Coledale
Bubear George Thomas 160 Coledale
Chinnock Thomas 4622 Coledale
Corbett James 22660 Coledale
Corney Henry David 147 Coledale
Crook Albert Thomas 58681 Coledale
Fairbrother Richard 3281 Coledale
Fairbrother Richard 4540 Coledale
Field Ernest Albert Bartholomew 3669 Coledale
Foster Charles William 74 Coledale
Gee Edward 1193 Coledale
Gibbs Richard William 4503 Coledale
Green John Boland 4421 Coledale
Haslehurst Ernest 5781 Coledale
Hawes Cecil 2382 Coledale
Hellmund Ernest Stephen 2836 Coledale
Hutchison Herbert Rudolph 19297 Coledale
Jensen Jens Peter 2723 Coledale
Lomansey Michael 6287 Coledale*
McBarren Michael 6287 Coledale
McLachlan John Charles 6285 Coledale
Meredith Amos Clement 4642 Coledale
Millard Herbert Stanley 3747 Coledale
Montgomerie David Wallace 7007 Coledale
Moore Charles Herbert 587 Coledale
Patterson Albert Patrick 4926 Coledale
Rae S Coledale
Ross Duncan 6172 Coledale
Sharpe John H. Coledale
Smart Alfred Samuel 6311 Coledale
Speakman John N/A Coledale
Standen Robert Henry 5228 Coledale
Taylor Robert 7842 Coledale
Walsh William 112 Coledale

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