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Alcorn George Thomas Clifton
Austin Matthew Herbert 707 Clifton
Barlogio Joseph 3461 Clifton
Black Arthur 7201 Clifton
Brown Clifton
Caiger Victor William 2387 Clifton
Carrick Louis Russell 3047 Clifton
Case Clifford Charles 11852 Clifton
Cavill Walter (Will) 25628 Clifton
Collins George Edward 2124 Clifton
Cook Richard 2628 Clifton
Craiger Victor Clifton
Dignam Daniel William 117 Clifton
Draper Percy Smedley 2279 Clifton
Evers John 21213 Clifton
Fowles Archibald George S. 2374 Clifton
Fowles Arthur Ashley 2521 Clifton
Garrick R Clifton
Gibbs Walter 6124 Clifton
Hailstone David Johnstone N/11274 Clifton
Hailstone William James 800 Clifton
Hazel Arthur Chrispen 4102 Clifton
Hotchkis James Hilton 1564 Clifton
Jones Harry 1138 Clifton
Jones Robert 1386 Clifton
Kirton Stuart Alphonsus 16281 Clifton
Lycett Harold 1577 Clifton
McCormick John Bernard 6568 Clifton
McDonald Donald Patrick 1783 Clifton
McGeachie David 134 Clifton
McLaren Walter Thomas N58398 Clifton
Meredith Evan N83598 Clifton
Peacock William Thomas 6582 Clifton
Phillips Harry 7299 Clifton
Rae James 7544 Clifton
Richards Leslie Alexander 2231 Clifton
Smith Errol Thomas 4303 Clifton
Stevens John 3676 Clifton
Williams Fred 6338 Clifton
Wilson Robert William 5267 Clifton

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