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Attfield William George 818 Bellambi
Barlogio James John 3594 Bellambi
Beesley Ernest Richard 3358 Bellambi
Bowen Bert 2152 Bellambi
Brand Bert 2865 Bellambi
Cockbain Frederick 2119 Bellambi
Cooke Robert Silvester Bellambi
Crago Francis 2158 Bellambi
Dalby Maurice William 1824 Bellambi
Eaton Joseph Thomas 1413 Bellambi
Hansen Thomas Bellambi
Harriss John Thomas 2929 Bellambi
Hawken C Bellambi
Howard A R Bellambi
Kells Edwin Charles Leslie 2352 Bellambi
Kemp Frederick Herbert 2405 Bellambi
Lord Frederick Augustus 2096 Bellambi
Mitchell Lillian Bellambi
Mitchell Gordon Earl 2678 Bellambi
Montgomery Samuel 193 Bellambi
Morris Charles 1376 Bellambi
Owen Percy Irvine Haylock N/A Bellambi
Pryor G K Bellambi
Schadel Ernest John 2228 Bellambi
Schofer John Henry Ferdinand 3459 Bellambi
Smith – Correct name MAY Charles Henry – G.T.M. 3892 Bellambi
Spinks Cecil 2939 Bellambi
Stainbrough Edward Albert Leslie 973 Bellambi
Stevenson Jesse 5735 Bellambi
Travers William 2733 Bellambi
Wells Victor Albert 3748 Bellambi
Wells Sidney James 1427 Bellambi

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