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Bell Harold 1406 Austinmer
Bell James Foster 1407 Austinmer
Bradbury Albert 15367 Austinmer
Burke C Austinmer
Cahill Joe M Austinmer
Cheadle George Austinmer
Cheadle Arthur Alexander Austinmer
Cheadle George 2732 Austinmer
Curran Frank 4498 Corrimal/Austinmer
Curran John 1457 Austinmer
Curran John 716/2457 Austinmer
Dent Oswald Gordon  ( Rev ) Austinmer
Ferguson Eric Herbert 1173 Austinmer
Halladay/Halliday William 126 Austinmer
Hanlon William 12899 Austinmer
Hick Austinmer
Hill William Richard (Dick ) 5110 Austinmer
Jones Charles Rees 4161 Austinmer
Jones Murray Ward 4458 Austinmer
Kay Norman 822 Austinmer
Latham George Stafford 2881 Austinmer
Lett John McLaren 6762 Austinmer
Madden Michael J Austinmer
Mathers Alexander – Alick 152 Austinmer
McKenzie J. R. Austinmer
Owens Patrick Joseph 4212 Austinmer
Pratt George William (MM) 4389 Austinmer
Punch (MC) Austinmer
Renwick Charles Saunders Austinmer
Rhoden William Bede (Henry) 3916 Austinmer
Rhoden Joseph N71970 Austinmer
Roden William 2537 Austinmer
Rohden J Austinmer
Rourk Thomas W – DCM 536 Austinmer
Rowe Leonard 9959 Austinmer
Speirs John Melling (Jack) 9977 Austinmer
Stanley George Willie 3480 Austinmer
Stevens Raymond 3439 Austinmer
Strachan Cornelius Alexander (Neil) 9979 Austinmer
Thomas Frederick John Austinmer
Thomas William 4911 Austinmer
Todd James 4276 Austinmer
Tood Joseph Austinmer
White Harald St Stephen 998 Austinmer
Wilson Jacob 7746 Austinmer

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