Illawarra Irish Forum featuring Dr Richard Reid and Dr Perry McIntyre

IFHG Irish Forum 8.8.2015

 Saturday August 8 2015 – at Fraternity Fairy Meadow

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 An Irish settler family in the Illawarra

 The Ireland of your Irish ancestors

 Australia and the Great Irish Famine 1845-1850

 Irish workhouse orphan girls in the Illawarra

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Biographical Details : 

Irish born and educated Richard Reid worked for more than 40 years as a high school teacher, museum educator, historian and museum curator. Thirty of those years were spent in Canberra, Australia’s capital, working for institutions such as the Australian War Memorial, the National Museum of Australia, the Senate and the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. In 1993 Richard was the Australian War Memorial’s Executive Officer on the project that returned the remains of an unknown Australian soldier from France to Canberra for reburial in the Memorial’s Hall of Memory.

Between 2008 and 2001 he was the Senior Curator for the National Museum’s exhibition on the Irish in Australia – ‘Not just Ned’. Richard has written widely on the subject of Australia at war and of the story of the Irish in Australia, and in relation to both those subjects has led tours to Ireland, the old Western Front in France and Belgium, and to Gallipoli. Recently retired from the Australian Public service he is still involved in a major archaeological and historical survey of the Anzac area on the Gallipoli peninsula and various projects on the emigration of the Irish to Australia during the 19th century. Among Richard’s publications are – ‘a decent set of girlsThe Irish Famine orphans of the Thomas Arbuthnot, 1849-1850’(with Cheryl Mongan); Farewell my Children: Irish Assisted Emigration to Australia, 1848-1870; Bomber Command – Australians in World War II; Gallipoli 1915; Not Just Ned – a true history of the Irish in Australia; and Sinners, Saints and Settlersa journey through Irish-Australia (with Brendon Kelson). Dr Reid is still a proud Fellow of the Society of Australian Genealogists.

Perry McIntyre began her working career as a high school science teacher, was employed in Central Queensland mining towns and, since 1983, has worked as a genealogist and historian. She was President of the History Council of NSW in 2005-06, councillor of the Society of Australian Genealogists for 20 years, has also served on the councils of the RAHS, the Australian Catholic Historical Society, the History Council of NSW (President 2005-06) and is the Great Irish Famine Commemoration Committee (Chair 2012-15). She has been a member of the Professional Historians Association since 2007.


Perry has published and spoken extensively on immigration and family history. Her Ph.D. on convict family reunion was published in Ireland as Free Passage in 2010 and she is one of the three directors of Anchor Books Australia formed to publish good quality history, particularly relating to colonial Australia.



Shoahaven Family History & Local History Fair

– June 26 – 27 2015 – School of Arts in Nowra


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